How can we help?

The Hub has been set up to support NHS and social care staff through the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath. We want to help people feel skilled and supported enough to enjoy their work and home lives again after what has been a devastating year for many of us. People may feel they need support for themselves as individuals or support for their teams. At the Hub, we can provide both.

For individual staff members……

  1. Open Access Information, Self Help and Resources for your mental wellbeing whenever you need them.
  2. Signposting to trusted organisations and partners for the right support
  3. Confidential, high quality in-house psychological assessment
  4. Specialist individual and group psychological interventions where these are unavailable to you locally 

For leaders and organisations…..

  1. Open access resources for managers, leaders and teams to help build resilience and wellbeing in the workplace
  2. Engagement strategies to empower your workforce to prioritise their wellbeing
  3. Psychological consultation for teams who are struggling
  4. Trauma Informed Care training for all levels of staff and leadership

The Cheshire & Merseyside Resilience Hub are a 9am to 5pm non-crisis service. If you require urgent help, please click here to be redirected to the urgent care section.